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Development paths do not always run smoothly. Sometimes you need more people. More knowledge, more Agile experience and more fingers on the button. You hire freelancers, but they do not stay so the knowledge that is built-up leaves the building. What you need is a dedicated Agile team that runs your project smoothly, guides your employees and only leaves at the point when your own development team has everything under control.

Agile development

Enrise believes in an Agile approach. We can work with different Agile frameworks depending on the type of project and the phase that it is in. In most cases we use Scrum, but in some cases Kanban works better. Our starting point in applying Agile Frameworks is to deliver live software to you and your end users as quickly as possible. That’s what we’ve been doing for Enrise for years in self-guiding teams using their 100% Agile approach.

Autonomous teams

  • Personal customer contact
  • Responsibility to all
  • Operation from A to Z
  • No management layers
  • No bureaucracy

100% Agile

  • Purpose: Creating business value quickly
  • Why: You don’t know today what you will want tomorrow
  • Reduce Scope: Every 2 weeks working software
  • Inspect & adapt: ​​Evaluate and refine
  • Complete project transparency through our tool Jira
  • No ‘point of no return’: leave at any time

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 Enrise offers highly skilled Scrum development teams that are able to deliver key features or tools to various stakeholders, quickly. This can be done independently or in collaboration with existing Scrum teams which help us to increase velocity.

Continuous Delivery

Risks and problems can be signaled at an early stage, so that we can solve them. We set continuous delivery as our technical framework. Therefore the chain from development to management is more efficient.

Continuous delivery also provides a functional framework that receives feedback in a timely manner, and gains knowledge beneficial to the process and the product. At Enrise, we ensure that, with continuous delivery, management becomes an integral part of the implementation.

Thanks to continuous delivery, new functionality can be quickly and efficiently taken into production; even on a daily basis.


At Enrise we work closely with our clients. Our experience is that such intensive cooperation always gives the best possible project outcome. We call this co-sourcing. The collaboration applies to several disciplines, but especially at the technical level. We welcome the fact that our client’s developers are involved in the project. With you or with us. Or both.

In-house or on location

As long as the facilities are available to our developers, they will deliver the quality you expect from them in the realisation of your digital product. It does not matter to our Agile team if they work at your office or at our local monument warehouse in Amersfoort.

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