We care for the infrastructure of your online service and keep your application healthy with monitoring and support. Even if it has been developed elsewhere.

Application Management & Monitoring

If your online product is ready, we would like to maintain your app, API, search solution, site, shop or portal in order to keep it healthy, stable and secure. Even if your product has been developed elsewhere.

Application management means we keep the source code fresh. And that we set up a smooth deployment process. We monitor applications and servers so we can intervene quickly when incidents occur and we can monitor and maintain their quality. We are available 24 hours a day through our support line and will be happy to answer your technical questions. We manage the accompanying documentation and we provide reports on performance and health of the application.

If you have an application that is not developed by Enrise, we will gladly take on your online product. Using a short inventory we can assess if your application qualifies for this.

We manage the applications according to the DevOps-principle, which means that development and management is done together. In the case of problems or changes, thanks to DevOps we can act quickly providing tools, resources and people. A Service Level Agreement makes clear the agreements on response times and access.

See also: emergency number

Application Management: Technique

For our projects we always set up an automated deployment and testing process  . This ensures that we can get to fixes, changes or additions quickly and easily. We offer comprehensive monitoring with Zabbix and we manage the source code in a central location using GitHub.

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