Dynamic, multilingual, responsive and focused on your visitors.

Scalable websites, shops and portals

We build dynamic, multilingual content and data driven responsive websites, webshops, and portals. The identity of the visitor and the semantics determines the type of content.

Because we start from a scalable infrastructure  our website solutions make for a future-proof, international and conversion-enhancing platform. Shoot up your visitor numbers or sales, then maintain the site for an optimum user experience.

To ensure maximum flexibility on the online platform, we always choose an architecture that makes this possible. We prefer to work with a separate front-end layer that interacts with an API middle layer. There we will link any product systems such as your CMS, Billing, Finance, CRM and more. Thus, it is always possible to develop new innovations on the presentation layer, without major conversion or changes to pathways. Maintenance or upgrades of various parts within the architecture can also be implemented without any risks or problems.

Sites, Shops & Portals: Technique

We develop websites and webshops with technologies that best match the need or existing system landscape. We use both open source and closed source (content management) systems. Some examples of these CMSs include the flexible WordPress, community-targeted Drupal, scalable Hippo, webstore CMS Magento or the Sylius e-commerce platform. We always choose the solution that suits you best, without any restrictions.

By strictly adhering to open standards and the choices within the listed architecture, we retain the flexibility to replace certain components in the future.

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