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“Our customers are given lightning-fast access to products and solutions. Pandosearch provides precisely what we need.”

Rob Hoeijmakers, Liberty Global

Why site search?

Using site search, users, customers and visitors easily find relevant content within your website or webshop.

Enrise developed Pandosearch, a scalable online service that improves your site search after just a few days. A unique and lightning-fast search solution for websites, shops and platforms.

Getting started with Pandosearch is simple. Enrise takes care of implementation, and offers advice and support.

Pandosearch enriches content on the basis of microdata, documents and other information, and the results can be seen quickly:

  1. More relevance = Better conversion
  2. Higher customer satisfaction = Less pressure on customer service
  3. More insight = Excellent service provision

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In 2016, Pandosearch won the Dutch Search Award  for “Best use of search in retail”.

Google Site Search is operational until 1 April 2018. After this date, site search will automatically transition to Google CSE (Custom Search Engine). CSE is the free alternative to Google Site Search (but includes adverts).

By using Pandosearch, you can replace Google Site Search right now. Transition to Pandosearch in good time.

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This is how Pandosearch works


We collect all content for you and keep the search functionality up-to-date. You can add, change or remove content at any time.


Pandosearch cleans up your content, and enriches it by means of language analysis, synonyms and metadata. This includes data from other sources.


We index your content so that it can be searched more easily and, above all, faster. We then run a language analysis in order to take language difference into account in the search results.


We interpret the visitor’s question and match it with the results in the search index. This is more than finding words, because we also include synonyms and related topics in the answer to the user.


The answer to the user’s questions can be integrated within your online product in a broad range of ways, from autocomplete in the search bar to result pages or organised widgets.


What the visitor gets in the end is, of course, an answer to their question, supplemented with suggestions and related items in the correct language. As administrator, you get the option of influencing the results with boosting and ranking.

Pandosearch features

Pandosearch helps your vistors

Search suggestions

Guides users to the correct content with relevant suggestions.


Supplement search terms with things that are relevant to your content.

Bedoelde u…?

Correct spelling mistakes with a friendly Did you mean…

Facet navigation

Filter found content for the desired result.

Search faster

Get search results and search suggestions in milliseconds.

Pandosearch creates value for your organisation

Increase conversation

Achieve your goals more quickly with relevant answers.

Retain customers

Finding the correct information prevents frustration.

Lessen the load for customer service

With searchable content, you stimulate customer service.

Gain insight

Search results give you insight into the quality of your content.


Give recommendations for other and related content.

Pandosearch makes things easier for your employees

Simple integration

Easily integrate Pandosearch into any platform.

Enrich content

Offer visitors added value with better content on the basis of insight.

Stay up-to-date

Keep search results current with our documented REST API.

Boost answers

Give results priority for the purposes of market objectives.

Use synonyms

Configure various keywords with the same meaning.

Learn more about Pandosearch

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