Advanced web applications and hybrid mobile applications.

(Web) Applications

Advanced web applications and hybrid mobile applications.

In addition to websites and webshops, we develop applications where accessibility is a prerequisite. Due to the easy accessibility via a web browser, the applications are independent of the platform. We develop the applications to be responsive, so that they are usable on virtually any device. Thanks to our experience with system linkages  we can create seamless integration with (existing) back-end systems or CMSs.

We have developed, among other things, the web applications for the ‘mijn Simpel’ pages of Simpel, the lease calculator for Terberg Leasing, and the super fast Superguide for Veronica.

Mobile applications

Our applications for mobile operating systems iOS and Android are indeed platform-dependent. A big advantage of this is in the use of the hardware. This means that features such as camera and media library, GPS and motion sensors, and the computing power of the smartphone or tablet are available. An active internet connection is not always necessary and integration with other applications is easily realised.

Among other things, we developed the PuurDichtbij app for ordering fresh food products from local farmers, Fietsnetwerk to find out what can be discovered on your cycling route, and Monumentum, a practical tourist guide for visiting historic buildings on Open Monument Day.

Apps: Technique

For web applications we mostly make use of PHP and related frameworks such as Zend, Laravel and Symfony. But projects using JAVA or NodeJS are also not unusual. For the interface, we usually make use of familiar Javascript frameworks, such as React of Angular. For dashboards, we work with with D3. For hybrid apps, React Native is our favourite, as well as Titanium.

The use of various tools and frameworks stops us from focussing too much on a single platform, at the same time, we are able to develop platform-dependant applications with the same capabilities and resources and offer the same experience to all our users. For native apps we employ specialised partners.

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