Conversion-oriented technology that grows with your ambitions.

Enrise builds e-commerce platforms that are at the heart of your business. We use the latest proven techniques and scalable platforms. An optimal user experience is central to this.

Precisely when visitor numbers and sales figures skyrocket, it is the technology you want to be able to rely on. Enrise has a lot of experience with different platforms. We can advise you independently on the latest trends, technical choices and the (im) possibilities of the platforms available in the market.

Read our e-commerce whitepaper now!

In the whitepaper “How to choose an E-commerce platform that suits you?” You will find the most important considerations when selecting an E-commerce platform.

Dutch e-commerce will exist exactly 25 years in 2020

The developments in the field of e-commerce and application development are very fast. It is our expertise to help you make the right (technical) considerations.

What is really important?

For example, we advise open source solutions that are actively maintained and have a clear roadmap. This way you know what the long-term vision is and that it matches your own vision.

In addition, we recommend striving for maximum flexibility so that the solution – with or without customization – can be expanded. You often end up on API-driven e-commerce platforms. These are equipped with good documentation and a detachable (headless) front end.

Our multi-disciplinary teams help you make an independent platform choice that best suits your needs. We provide technical support in both developing and executing an e-commerce strategy.

Future-proof solutions

As an organization, you naturally want your e-commerce platform to seamlessly connect with your brand’s Omnichannel strategy. Preferably a flexible system (modular and scalable) on a steady framework, an actively maintained base with an ambitious long-term vision and clear roadmap. You also want a suitable development partner who can guarantee this flexibility to the maximum. An independent partner who works with you and does not work for you. With specialists in e-commerce and a lot of experience in application development and who also takes care of the support and hosting after building.

At Enrise, we guarantee the maximum flexibility of the e-commerce platform by always choosing an architecture that makes this possible. We prefer to work with a separate front-end layer that interacts with an API layer. We link existing systems such as a CMS, PIM, ERP, Billing, Finance, CRM and more. This means that it is always possible to continue developing new innovations on the presentation layer, without major conversion or migration processes. Maintenance or upgrades of various components within the architecture can also be carried out without downtime and with minimal risks.

This way you can continue to innovate without fear of losing your turnover or suffering reputation damage.


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