We always design and build our systems with scalability as a starting point, so future growth is not a limitation.


In developing our systems, we try to follow the Reactive Manifesto in design and development. In short, we develop our systems so that they are able to provide a positive response to the end user within a reasonable time, even when there are problems with the connection or other incidents.

An important part of this is scalability, also sometimes called ‘elasticity’. A system needs to be able to scale up automatically with increasing demand to prevent failure. Conversely, the same applies: In case of reduced demand, the system needs to be automatically scaled down, which will save costs.

Scalability is not limited to expanding server capacity. Also the application and architecture must be carefully considered. All components within the application must be able to be scaled with exponential growth. We always design and build our systems with scalability as a starting point. Future growth is no obstacle.

Micro services

Scalable Cloud or PaaS infrastructure is vital. It is an environment that can be easily and preferably automatically scaled up from the monitoring or code (programmable infrastructure). We offer private cloud environments, but are also familiar with systems such as Google CloudAmazon Web ServicesAzure, OpenStack of Heroku .

An important development is the use of software containers such as Docker and associated container management systems like Mesosphere DC/OS or Kubernetes.

By using container technology in combination with (micro)services architecture, we can maximize the scalability of the application. With additional tools like VAMP we are also able to carry out canary releasing which means releasing new versions of the software, simply, gradually, and without risk and whereby continuous delivery is possible.

The advantage of scalability

Automatically scalable systems prevent connection problems at peak times, while scaling down when there is less demand is cost-effective.

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