When we say Responsive we mean more than just a picture that fits on your mobile. The user experience and setup of component libraries are also part of our responsive approach.


When developing a front-end, we always make sure that this is responsive, so that as a basis it is suitable for multiple types of devices or screen sizes. The degree of responsiveness is strongly dependent on the wishes of the client. We can even go so far that each individual visitor gets a user-oriented user experience on form and content.


For a successful user experience we try to follow the Reactive Manifesto in the development of our systems. In short, we develop our systems so that they are able to provide a positive response to the end user within a reasonable time, even when there are problems with the connection or other incidents.

Component libraries

Managers, sellers and marketers benefit from the ability to adapt easily to the front-end of the site or application. An online product grows with time and the wishes of the users. Our layouts are responsive. By making a responsive component library the administrators of your site or application can make adjustments to the component level.

A responsive component library is both a visual and technical style guide. Changes can be made without re-inventing the wheel and can be taken into production across all components and pages of your internet application. For example, in no-time you are able to add a new button, campaign or new home page. Any change to a component will be automatically applied throughout the system.

The advantage of Responsive

A responsive component library ensures that a structural change in the layout is automatically implemented in your application or website, while maintaining the optimal user experience, regardless of the device.

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