100% AGILE

Enrise believes in an Agile approach. It is the fastest way to deliver well-functioning software to you and your end users.

100% Agile development

We can work with different Agile frameworks depending on the type of project and the phase that it is in. Scrum is the best known, but for some tasks we prefer Kanban. We work at our own offices or at your location with our complete Agile teams.

Strategy: Product Vision and Product Roadmap

At the beginning of the project a strategy will be developed. This strategy is the basis of product development and consists of a  product vision and a product roadmap, which, based on time, budget and scope, broadly indicates what steps need to be taken to develop the product. On the basis of this the releases are distributed.

Releases and Sprints

release of an application consists of a combination of disciplines, including functionality design, interaction design, graphic design, development, implementation and management. These disciplines are part of a continuous development process.

release is divided into two-week sprints in which new, functional products are delivered. By releasing parts of the whole system every two weeks, frequent feedback can be collected by means of tests. Based on this information it can then be adjusted so that a high-quality finished product is created.

Incremental and iterative development

The central idea of our Agile development is that we do not work in phases, but rather work through incremental and iterative development with interim releases.

Incremental development means that a product is gradually being taken into use. Each additional release will add extra functionality, which will soon deliver business value to the project.

The purpose of iterative development is to gradually find the right solution for the project. Step by step you will research how the product can best meet the needs of your business.

Agile contracts

Without flexibility in the working relationship it is not possible to run an Agile development process. Our collaboration is based on trust. That is why you pay us per sprint and during the project you have the freedom to up or down scale the capacities, or to cancel the sprints, or to develop the project internally or at another company. Our customer retention is determined by the satisfaction in our service, not by clauses in a contract.

The advantage of 100% Agile

Agile development is a flexible way of working with fast visible results. A large investment is not needed and you don’t make a commitment in advance, with each project you can determine if the result is good enough.

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