My favourite Golang development tools

In the past months I’ve been doing Golang development for several applications. In this post I want to share what I consider the most important items in my Golang toolchain. Code Quality It’s [...]

Why we use GraphQL

TLDR; GraphQL is an alternative to REST. I tried it and love it. For a similar use-case as we have, consider using it. Not so fast! I’m assuming that you have read already about GraphQL. If not, [...]

Varnishcon 2016

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its HTTP accelerator, Varnish Software launched their yearly European conference: Varnishcon. During these two days in June the Varnish Core Developer team [...]

Puli: Package Discovery in PHP

Composer revolutionized package management in the PHP world and while this has been one of the most important developments in PHP we’re not quite there yet. After pulling in composer [...]

An introduction to Service Discovery

Service Discovery, yet another technique or thing to add to your stack of “Availibity tools” and “Microservices Architecture”. As a newbie to the world of internet applications, It was at [...]

Discount on Zend Server with Z-Ray

Last month Zend announced Zend Server 8 at the 10th edition of ZendCon in Santa Clara, California. This release is a major step in extending the Z-Ray solution to support developers in writing [...]

Titanium development newbie 101

There are various technologies available which enable you to do mobile app development. Of course you have the native solutions on iOS and Android, but there are also hybrid solutions like [...]

++Supercharge your API workflow

API development is one of our day to day activities and we are constantly trying to evolve just as the API is evolving. Starting on a freshly new created API or development on an already existent [...]

PHPBNL14, bumps up!

Introduction This blog post will be my personal views and experience of the PHPBNL14 event from that started for me on Friday morning and ended Sunday in the afternoon. Friday, PHPBNL14!! [...]

Baking pizzas, Kanban style

No, not Gangnam style: Kanban, an agile development method to have more control over the production process without overloading your team members. During a workshop ‘Mastership in Scrum’ at [...]

CSSDay 2013 review

CSS Day was a one-day advanced CSS conference held on the 14th of June. Eight masters in this field of web development shared an in-depth look by focusing on some of the techniques all involved [...]

Hey, it’s flat too!

Last Monday I wrote about the design inspiration Apple gave with its OS X ten years ago and with iOS last years. Many app designers are inspired by the Apple interface guidelines for their [...]

Dutch PHP Conference 2013

Like every year on June 6, 7 and 8 you can visit Holland for the Dutch PHP Conference. This year I was one of the Enrise employees who’s been there and in this post I describe some talks [...]

New interface inspiration at WWDC 2013?

Today is an important day for web and user interface designers and probably also for many front end developers. Today Apple will present its new operating system for iDevices and they give us a [...]