Planning Poker Card Deck

When it comes to project estimates, actually no one is really good at it. That’s why we made a Planning Poker Card Set, so you and your team can make better estimates more quickly. You can do this based on storypoints or even faster with our unique Hamburger Sizing Cards.

Agile card 100

What is Planning Poker?

Planning Poker is a method of estimating your software development projects. The numbers on the cards represent the story points that are needed for a particular user story.

How to play

The product owner in your team presents a user story. Each team member makes an estimate for this task in silence. Everyone flips their card at the same time. The ones with the highest and lowest estimates, may explain their choices. Additional estimation rounds then follow, until a consensus about the story is reached.

Questions, coffee and burgers

The question mark card can be used when you can’t make an estimate, and the coffee-to-go card can be used when you need a break.

We’ve also added 5 Burger Size Cards to get a rough, but faster estimate.

Not for sale

Unfortunately this Enrise Planning Poker Deck is not for sale. We use them internally to estimate projects, give them to clients or share them at events. Join one of our events to get yours! But you can also apply for a job or contact us to become a client, of course. 😉 

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