We are Enrise. We take something to greater heights. Ourselves, our teams, our company, our clients and even society. You can see it already in our logo mark, which stands for growth, scale, acceleration and rise. We enrise. 

The ‘enrising’ brand mark and the brand name together form our logo. In premium black on a warm and sunny yellow. We made this color combination even important as the logo. When using Enrise somewhere, people will recognize our brand by color in the first place. It’s the yellow color that stands for optimism, innovation, attention, enthusiasm, energy and stimulation: all the moods you need to move forward, stand up and rise.

Primary Logo: Black on yellow

Enrise logo black on yellow

Everywhere possible, use our black logo on a yellow surface or background.

Download black logo with yellow

Download Black without the yellow

Secundary Logo for other backgrounds

Enrise logo in kleur

Download color logo for white backgrounds

Enrise logo op zwarte achtergrond

Download color logo for dark backgrounds

Enrise logo op foto achtergrond

Download color logo for dark images

Enrise wit logo op alternatieve achtergrond

Download white logo for all other backgrounds


Enrise icoon geel op witte achtergrond

Download yellow icon for white or black backgrounds

Enrise icoon zwart

Download black icon for yellow backgrounds

Enrise icoon wit op zwarte achtergrond

Download white icon for all other background colors

Color palette


HEX #F2A900
RGB 242,169,0

CMYK 0/30/100/0
Pantone 130C

Light Yellow

RGB 253,242,217

CMYK 1/5/19/0
Pantone 7506 C



HEX #000000
RGB 0,0,0

CMYK 50/40/40/100
Pantone Black

Light Grey

RGB 200,201,199

CMYK 25/18/20/1
Pantone 420C

Medium Grey

HEX #75787B
RGB 117,120,123

CMYK 53/41/39/23
Pant. Cool Grey 9C

Dark Grey

HEX #53565A
RGB 83,86,90

CMYK 63/51/46/40
Pant. Cool Grey 11C


Official fonts

At Enrise we use some essential fonts for marketing materials like the website and print materials:

  1. Manrope Bold for headings
  2. Minion Pro Caption for paragraphs
  3. Summer Loving Regular for outstanding words, phrases and other oneliners

For these fonts you’ll need a license. Looking for the official fonts for print? Contact the marketing team.

Versatile free fonts

For most other purposes like online documents, presentations and other visual communications online we fall back to Google Fonts:

  1. Headings: DM Sans Bold
  2. Paragraphs: Crimson Text Regular

These fonts are less refined than the official fonts, but okay for most publications. And since they are Google Fonts, you can use them across all Google services and everywhere online as well.