Enrise launches Frisbee

Stefan van Essen
Stefan van Essen

1 april 2016


With years of experience under its belt, Enrise decided it was time for the next step in PHP development. Much like Agile was the next step in workflow for many of us, we feel we now made the next step when it comes to programming.

We built Frisbee, the first framework based on the concept of exception driven development.

The workflow

With this new workflow most one of the greatest pains of OOP has been dealt with, namely exceptions. Rather than fighting against it, we embraced it, and developed a workflow with exceptions as the core of its routine. This means that you’ll be throwing code instead of running it, so you never have to fear for exceptions again.

The framework

Frisbee is the first framework that 100% implements this new workflow. This becomes clearly visible from line 1 in index.php, where a new application is thrown, rather than instantiated:

Frisbee also implements Boomerangs, handy exception helpers that can be thrown and catched on the same spot, so you can use it e.g. for loading resources like DB handlers, templating engines, etc.

Frisbee Demo


Frisbee logoPlease visit our GitHub repository to see a in depth explanation, and a working demo, and a quick start guide.


[UPDATE] Spoiler alert

April 1, Fools' Day

Yes it is. We’re sorry. Frisbee is just an April 1 joke. But Frisbee still works. Happy throwing!