Laracon EU: Its not just about technical skills


14 september 2015


As technology people we are always seeking for technical knowledge and making ourselves a shelf full of technical skills. Of course its great, it makes us more confident and capable of doing a better work, but how can we go beyond and even further in our capabilities? How to break the line between a good technically skilled professional and start being a great professional, not just recognized as a technical professional, but respected as person as well?

Its easy to find people complaining about their jobs, colleages, and a lot of other things, but how can we not be the ones the others are complaining about? Its a good challenge right?

Can you remember the last time you did a self review regarding your ethics, behavior with your colleagues everything else that surround a good coexistence with others?

Laracon EU 2015 did a good job by showing us all good talks which cover those subjects. Here are my favorites:

After watching all those talks, it makes clear for me that we reached such a good technical level, but we are lacking in social skills. And I believe that we can do better while working together. It also makes me think how many professionals are loosing a lot of good things by focusing just on technical skills.

I hope those talks and the others can help us on this mission. Of course we can and should keep improving our technical skills, but lets give some time to learn how to be better, just better!

Laracon Aftermovie: