By accessing content, data and functionality through an API, front-end and back-end can be separated from each other.
That creates a lot of freedom.

APIs & System Linking

By unlocking the content, data and functionality of an application via an API, the front-end and back-end are disconnected from one another.

Having front-end and back-end separate gives you freedom in choosing a CMS, developing a new website and building an app. Whatever happens with your front-end, the content and data remain available through the API, regardless of the platform or application you’re working on. An API as a generic service layer allows you to make your content and data flexible for use internally, but also for external use by third parties.

In addition to flexibility in the front-end layer, an API also offers flexibility when deploying different back-end systems. Accessing them via the API gives you a simple way to upgrade existing back-end systems in your system landscape or phase out your legacy systems.

Our API for Ziggo made it possible for the responsive PHP front-end to communicate with the Java back-end. For Elsevier we developed an API that hides complex processes like logging in, registering and modifying profile , and which allows apps to use the same processes as well as the site. And for Simpel we developed a BusinessLogic Layer (BLL) which is linked to various adjoining systems for smooth and uniform data transfer, whereby the BLL validates and handles all requests.

APIs: Technique

Our APIs are developed in various languages, including JAVA, NodeJS or PHP. Wherever possible, we use API systems such as Kong or Tykto provide standard business such as security and throttling. We also provide API Workbench with which external parties can easily test API performance or do research for their own integration.

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