In autonomous teams we create high-quality internet applications such as apps, APIs, zoeksystemen, sites, shops & portals.

We distinguish ourselves from other agencies through our unique CodeCuisine® method with a focus on technically creative applications. That makes us a technical internet agency.

Team as a Service

Hire an Enrise Agile Team for extra impact. A dedicated Agile team that runs your project smoothly, guides your employees and only leaves at the point when your own development team has everything under control.

Apps & Webapplications

We develop advanced web applications and near-native mobile applications that we link to your underlying platforms and systems. Depending on your online ambition, together we will make a choice for a web application or mobile app.


Unlock your content, data and functionality via an API, so that the front-end and back-end can exist independently. This means that you are free to choose between a CMS, developing a new website, and building an app.

Search & Data

By streamlining, enriching, indexing and making all the available information searchable, you can ensure that your existing data has a wider range and can be used it for new functions.

Sites, Shops & Portals

We build dynamic, content- and data-driven multilingual responsive websiteswebshops and portals. The identity of the visitor and the semantics determines the type of content.

Hosting & Infrastructuur

If your online product is ready, we’d like to maintain your app, API, search solution, site, shop or portal with monitoring and support so that we can keep it safe, stable and secure. Even if your product has been developed elsewhere.


What is your online ambition?

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