Enrise is a technology agency

We started in 2000, the year in which the dotcombubble burst and the internet was still for cowboys. Our mission was clear: to create high-quality software for the Internet.

A lot has changed since then, but our mission has remained intact: CodeCuisine®. With our full focus on technology and process, we combine the freedom of open source with the stability of existing software systems. Together with our customers, we continuously bring digital products to the market at a fast pace.

With almost 50 Enrisers we are located in the city centre of Amersfoort, in the historic warehouse d’Eersteling in the Eemhaven.

Brands that like to work with us

Enrise is a self steering organisation

Enrise is a collective of self-managing teams, without management control. Freedom is our core value. We all have the freedom to think, talk and co-decide on the daily processes and the direction of Enrise. Self-steering makes this possible. It’s a lifetime journey in which we learn every day.

Self-steering makes us more free, more involved and more professional. As a customer, we would like to give you a taste of this.

A selection of our people:

  • Jeroen van Dijk
    Jeroen van Dijk
  • Martijn van de Beek
    Martijn van de Beek
  • Ralph von Grumbkow
    Ralph von Grumbkow
  • Henk-Jan van Voorthuijsen
    Henk-Jan van Voorthuijsen
  • Christiaan van Bemmel
    Christiaan van Bemmel
  • Sabine Kempers-Jansen
    Sabine Kempers-Jansen
  • Mathilde Brandsen
    Mathilde Brandsen
  • Robin de Vries
    Robin de Vries
  • Edward Smit
    Edward Smit
  • Gert-Jan Philippi
    Gert-Jan Philippi
  • Rita Heinen
    Rita Heinen

Photography by Lucy Lambriex

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