Once a month we gather all Enrisers for an internal event, the JEM Session. We share our learnings, results, marketing activities and sales progress with each other. We conclude with Knowhour, where everyone can share their thoughts, new tools, how-to’s, hacks and even … Continue reading


Recente Tweets

RT @HenryHoffman: I fucked up Git so bad it turned into Guitar Hero https://t.co/vUKZJAQKWg
- Tuesday Feb 2 - 3:10pm

How to talk to programmers https://t.co/oWeIOVJgzs
- Tuesday Feb 2 - 3:06pm

Nico's BB-8 is acting as the @enrise office gatekeeper, thanks to @Coolblue_NL! #phpbnl16 https://t.co/MzYCqaXijo
- Monday Feb 1 - 1:17pm

10-1 voor @enrise ! :) https://t.co/TJEEm7ICuf
- Saturday Jan 30 - 8:05pm