Once a month we gather all Enrisers for an internal event, the JEM Session. We share our learnings, results, marketing activities and sales progress with each other. We conclude with Knowhour, where everyone can share their thoughts, new tools, how-to’s, hacks and even … Continue reading

           Hey Codebrewer, kom op 25 juli wat eerder achter je scherm vandaan voor een gratis vrijdagmiddagborrel in Amersfoort! Wereldrestaurant Dara en internetbureau Enrise stellen vanaf 17.00 uur hun gezamenlijk terras open voor ontwikkelaars, codekloppers, nerds en … Continue reading


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This just happened: #PHP7 is tagged! https://t.co/FQ9UbbL6cm
- Tuesday Dec 1 - 3:30pm

Code snippet playing cards for #developers from code:deck https://t.co/aYyA1vE2bq https://t.co/ToIqjqLm6D
- Thursday Nov 26 - 8:30am

Popquiz question: What is a burn up chart?! @kszitterd tests our knowledge at the monthly JEM session! https://t.co/oBgezrZZQt
- Monday Nov 23 - 2:55pm

Paniek @Enrise: #Sinterklaas kwijt. Zit ‘ie gewoon te gamen! https://t.co/z9ErPuH8zW
- Saturday Nov 21 - 10:04am

RT @yaprakaya: Let's share knowledge! @enrise https://t.co/4x6jasn5Mu
- Friday Nov 20 - 2:49pm