Become better

Since I’ve been working in the PHP community, I have noticed how there are a lot of “How to become a better developer” talks and blog posts. Starting off with a little spoiler, there is no golden key to become the best. There are however a lot of good practices that will help you improve.

This year was the second time I attended PHPBenelux, and it once again became more obvious how the community is a huge part of the flexible language, PHP. Next to the newest and coolest tools, tricks and frameworks, personal development was a huge topic on the conferences I’ve attended. In this blogpost I’ll be writing about the learnings I took from those sessions and what information I gathered over the years.

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Once a month we gather all Enrisers for an internal event, the JEM Session. We share our learnings, results, marketing activities and sales progress with each other. We conclude with Knowhour, where everyone can share their thoughts, new tools, how-to’s, hacks and even … Continue reading


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