Wecamp 2015, the unusual conference

Martijn van de Polder


Enrise is proud to be Wecamp partner for the second time. Wecamp is 5 days of coding retreat on a small island, De Kluut, centered in the Veluwe Lake.

It’s definitely not a regular conference where you sit back and listen. Here you work with 30 other developers on projects guided with experienced coaches. They wil camp in tipi-tents and mongolian yurts, disconnected from mainland but powered with electricity, wifi and real(!) beds. In 5 days they will think, create and build a whole new product together.

Richard Tuin, Wecamp 2015 coachEnrisers Steven and Rick are joining Wecamp. And our Richard is one of the coaches to support and teach.

Not only tech

Camping at #Wecamp15 is more than technology and coding. There will be also activities like sailing or canoeing. And the coaches will help with personal development plans to ensure a continuing value on and after visiting the island.

Wecamp BBQ

Enrise is sponsoring BBQ-eve on Friday night. By boat we will provide the ‘super secret dev island’ with barbecues, vegs, meat and other equipment.

Learn more about Wecamp 2015 at their website weca.mp or follow their experiences and live pictures on the Wecamp Twitter channel. 

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