Dutch PHP Conference 2013

Tim de Pater

Like every year on June 6, 7 and 8 you can visit Holland for the Dutch PHP Conference. This year I was one of the Enrise employees who’s been there and in this post I describe some talks which were the best for me.

Unbreakable Domain Models

One thing I learned from the conference was that the Domain Model is the most important layer in your application. This talk from Mathias Verraes discussed the use of Value Objects, Entities, Encapsulated Operations, and more design patterns which can be applied on the Domain Model.

Check out the slides

Scenario Driven API Design

The first question of Ivo Jansch was “Who knows what Scenario Driven API Design is?” Two guys raised there hands: “That’s interesting because I’ve made it up.”

It turned out to be a talk about common issues you’ll have when designing a RESTful API. Ivo showed some practical solutions that are not always RESTful but mostly useful.
Find out how your API is going to be used, create scenarios and design your API based on the scenarios.

Check out the slides

Development by the numbers

Anthony Ferrara was the last slot in the uncon on Saturday. He talked about Development by the numbers. I was interested by this subject because I’ve spent some time trying to make technical debt measurable in a project. This talk was about how you can read the output of static analysis tools like pDepend and PHPLOC.

He did his talk before on DrupalCon in Portland and they published the video.


Besides the talks there were three awesome keynotes.

A Web Of Identity by Ade Oshineye
Growth Hacking for Humans by Eamon Leonard
Worse Is Better, for Better or for Worse by Kevlin Henney

All three were very inspiring and gave a boost to my motivation! The keynotes are recorded, so I hope the videos will be available soon for everybody who missed it.

Again, it was a great conference with very interesting topics and great speakers!
Thanks iBuildings, for hosting this conference and see ya next year!

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